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let me help you BUILD you dream, BRAND your business, and BELIEVE in your future



Bright, Bold, and Blissful! My photography services include: Headshots, lifestyle, engagement, sports, family, product images, event coverage, branded content, and much more. I offer a menu of photo packages ranging from 30-minute mini sessions to long term contracts. My approach is very collaborative I can take as much or little direction as you want, they are your photos! I can source the venue or location or you can recommend direct and choose. Once a session is complete, I will send you your digital copies of your photos that you will own. Let’s work together to create memories that will last a lifetime!

branding strategy.

Whether you are the brand, a group is the brand, you represent a brand, or it’s a private-label brand, media brand or an e-brand, I am here to help you. I want to help you build a successful brand and define your strategic goals and objectives that will set you aside from your competition. If you need a little help or a full package you pick! I can help guide you with the business development plan and creative direction of your brand including: Strategic vision, mission statement business plan, key objective, content, look and feel, colour pallet, logo development, and mission statement; truly developing your brand from the ground up.

social media development.

Having a strong social media presence for your brand is more powerful now more than ever before as it will strongly impact your brand awareness. However, developing and using them correctly is what will differentiate you from “me too” to thriving in the social media world. I can help you define what you want to achieve from your social platforms. More than that, I want to implement strategies to monitor your performance on platforms to see if you are reaching your goals, and how you should adapt. We can work together to define budgets for paid versus non-paid forms of marketing on your social platforms and curate personalized marketing advertisement material for you to use.

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why choose blissybluee.

Hi there! My name is Bliss Gatenby and I am the founder of Blissybluee. I love helping other people fuel their passions and believe in themselves. I created Blissybluee to merge my desire of my passion for success, creative thinking, and photography to help others.

For as long as I can remember I loved picking up a camera and capturing moments. I then realized photography was not only just about the photo but it was also about the moment and the memories that connected to my heart.

As my photography began to evolve in parallel with my education I realized I can help people more, not just by photography but by developing brand and social media strategies to help them grow. This skill was learned not only at school but growing up my parents always shared their work stories with me, including successes and failures and always encouraged me to contribute my ideas and points of views.

Now, I have united my passion for capturing moments, and branding together and founded Blissybluee.