Prenatal Care

Midwives accept self referrals which means once you find out you are pregnant (home urine pregnancy test is fine), you can contact us by phone or fill out our intake form. If you have been seeing your family doctor for your early pregnancy care, there is still time to come to us for your end of pregnancy and birth care.

Many family doctors no longer attend births and will be referring you to a midwife or obstetrician for labour and delivery. Give us a call if you are unsure and would like more information about your options.

We are a teaching practice and affiliated with McMaster University, Midwifery Education Program, Department of Family Medicine. We enjoy teaching and are committed to the growth of Midwifery, our aim is to offer an excellent learning experience and add to women’s continuity of care.

Services to expect from your midwife during this time:

  • The schedule of visits with your midwives will follow the same schedule of appointments with any healthcare provider who provides pregnancy care in Ontario.
  • You can page your midwives with urgent concerns at any time.
  • Your first 2 visits will be scheduled for 1 hour each to give plenty of time to discuss your medical history and current pregnancy. All follow-up visits are scheduled for 30 minutes, providing time to answer all of your questions.
Up until 28 weeks gestation, you will meet your midwife every 4 weeks.
During the first 2 visits your midwife will:
  • Explain the midwifery model of care, and tell you how to reach your midwife in case of an emergency
  • Ask you questions about your medical history
  • Conduct a physical exam that includes
      • listening to your heart and lungs
      • Pap test (if needed)
      • vaginal swabs
    • breast exam
  • Discuss and offer prenatal screening
  • Discuss and offer routine blood work.
  • Offer a dating ultrasound and a fetal anatomy ultrasound
Between 28 weeks and 36 weeks gestation, you will see your midwife every 2 weeks.
During these visits your midwife will:
  • Monitor your blood pressure, weight and growth of your baby
  • Have you do a urine dip test every visit
  • Discuss and offer glucose test for Gestational Diabetes.
From 36 weeks of pregnancy until you have your baby, you will see your midwife every week.
During this time you midwife will:
  • Continue to monitor your blood pressure, weight and growth of your baby
  • Have you do a urine dip test every visit
  • Discuss and offer GBS testing.
  • Arrange closer monitoring if you have not had your baby, and you are a week past
     your due date (more information here).

Additional Services and Support